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瑞士艺术家皮若思(Piroska Szönye)的装置艺术作品“童书小屋”,是世界上现存三座为援助非洲绝症儿童所搭建的。其采用了约翰娜·斯比丽(Johanna Spyri)所著儿童文学中的著名人物海蒂(Heidi)的角色,并在故事中融入了让人沉迷的哲学冥想、童年的回忆及其闪耀光芒的独特诗意。
,Piroska Szönye
于Bad Ragartz艺术展展览现场
皮若思(Piroska Szönye),瑞士知名的艺术家、画家、作家、设计师、美食家。她来自“海蒂”的故乡,被称为西方儿童文学经典作品《海蒂》的瑞士代言人,著有《海蒂与朋友们》一书,正在书写一本新的著作《海蒂来到中国》。她被誉为“瑞士最受人尊敬“的女艺术家,奉献于慈善艺术,也是吉尼斯世界纪录艺术项目“最大的雕塑课堂”的创造者
她曾获多个国际设计界最高奖项:2018德国“红点设计大奖”的“最佳设计奖”、2017 IDA(International Design Award)国际设计金奖、2018瑞士年度最佳图书奖银奖等国际艺术界大奖。
Swiss artist Piroska Szönye’s installation art works “Children village” are the only three existing houses in the world built to support African children who suffered terminal illnesses. In an artistic sense, Piroska Szönye has adopted the role Heidi played by the world-renowned character from the fiction of Johanna Spyri and integrated the fascinating philosophical meditation, childhood memories and the unique shining poetic sentiment into the story

Children Village, Piroska Szönye at Bad Ragartz art exhibition
The artist Piroska believes paper can change people’s way of looking at the world. The ideas for her artworks and her books, which often involve paper, come to Piroska in her dreams. With her paper and collage art she wants people to think outside the box, create magic and challenge their emotions about the value of things.
In this workshop, the artist will lead the children into the magical creative class and experience the fun of art creation through the blind painting game and the interaction of designing a mini children’s book house. This Saturday afternoon, Please come to Yuz Museum to release the spirit of art, awaken your senses, and look forward to a different creative journey.
Piroska Szönye, a famous Swiss artist, painter, writer, designer and gourmet, who comes from Heidi’s beautiful hometown and is known as the Swiss spokesperson of Heidi, the classic work of western children’s literature. She has written a cooking art philosophy poetry book Heidi And Friends and is writing a new book Heidi Goes China. She is reputed as “the most respected female artist in Switzerland “, who is dedicated to charitable art as well as the creator of “the largest sculpture class” in the Guinness Book of World Records.
She has won several top international design awards: Red Dot Award 2018 Winner, Gold Award winner of the 2017 International Design Award, Silver Award in Schweizer Buchpreis (Swiss Book Prize) and other international art awards.

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Yilin Liao is the founder and principal of Pear (Xueli) Kids Education center, in Liuzhou city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

 She is master of education, graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia. Yilin ever worked in Beijing as training manager of CondeNast China (Vogue, GQ etc.) and fashion trainer in Chanel. After she came back from Sydney, in those years she always had a dream to do something to contribute to the society, especially for the children in her hometown. For this dream, she moved back to Liuzhou in 2014, to bring high quality education projects to children in her small city. Her Pear Kids education has been helped over 3000 students/times to adpat well to school life, and also helped over 5000 families & teachers to improve parent/teacher – child relation.

Schoolproject in China  Pear (Xueli) Kids Education center, in Liuzhou city

Pear (Xueli) Kids Education center was founded in 2014, it has above 1500 students/times in 2017, also shared Positive Discipline prensentations/workshop to around 5000 parents and teachers to help them to be better euducators. Pear Education works with more than 20 public schools, from kindergartens to high schools in the city to help them to improve communication and teaching methods in the schools.

The main course of Pear Education is kids cognition (Kids Attention, Kids Memorizing Method, Kids Study Methods & Strategies, Kids Multiple Thinking & Cognition, Social Emotion Lessons); the class for parents and teachers are Postive Displine workshop.

Outline of the courses of Heidi & Creative Thinking.

The course will be enriched to 12 classes/section, to bring children experience and be inspired by international thinking way. It will be a great project for the kids in China: open mind, think creatively, be a person who can find and feel the happiness.

  1. How to “make” a book – make a book for yourself by things you like, by your great memories, the expectation of your future, about your family or friends, and anything could touch your heart.
  2. How to tell your story – How to tell the story about yourself.
  3. Creative thinking – How to use the materials you have to create a new work.
  4. Kids social networking by SNS.